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How not to Back Up your Plan - with Kayla Starr

If a baby is only making a sound or a hum when a microphone comes close to her lips, well then, Kayla Starr, was probably born to be one...

I first noticed her long coffee-black dreads whisking and waving around on stage backing up Parlor Social at NAMM in January 2018, giving me some serious flash backs to Willow Smith's, 'I whip my hair back and fourth.' I have since seen Kayla back up the likes of Iggy Azalea and Odesza. However, singing like an angel in the shadows, is just the 'back up' to to her main trajectory, to dominate her own world tour one day.

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How many of us have back up plans? I for one, do not, never have and never will. Maybe plans will shift or alter and adjust naturally but the minute I begin to accept alternative outcomes, just 'in case' my idea does not work out, then this is the moment I am telling the universe "I am not sure I want this."

When we are dominated by doubt more than belief, this would probably be the time to rethink your path or just give up.

Kayla Starr might have been backing up other musicians because she has always been obsessed with harmonies, but this fire cracker is full of energy and determined for something with a greater spark, a spark that is her own. Born and raised by the shores of sunny California where dreams hang like stars over the streets. She has been writing her own music since she was thirteen and at age eighteen she started her own band which quickly fizzled out. After singing in choirs and attending The Musicians Institute which helped to perfect her stage performance, Starr began to find her own sound. She defines her genre as 'Trip Pop' which is a smoothie blend of alternative pop, electro rock and hip hop beats. Her first EP she released was called, "Salutation" and Tina Tuner vibes are apparent in her aesthetics.

Her most proud moment? Singing back up for Parlor Social at The Hollywood Bowl and being written up by Afro Punk. Lately she has been tucking herself away in a warehouse recording her latest EP "Exception to the Rule" which does not have a release date - yet. She also just scored her first endorsement with Telefunken.

Her eyes are lit with fire and light, Kayla Starr, might just be the brightest one I have seen...

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So if you are looking for a little advice on how not to back up your plan, take a look at these tips:

1. You are both feet in or both feet out

Never do something half heartedly. You're either in or you're out and if you have to second guess, well that is normal, but make sure you learn to fight the doubt.

2. Backing Up

Instead of creating alternate routes in case of failure, rather back up your first plan with everything you have got.

3. Exception To The Rule

Look, if you are in severe debt and are more unhappy than happy without a secured cheque each month, it might be a good idea to have a job that pays those bills and allows you the freedom to create in the additional time and if fanning yourself with $100 bills inspires you to do more, then so be it.

* * *

Kayla says that having a purpose and keeping people around her like her mother, it continues to fill her heart and body with strength in order to go about her musical path that will hopefully help in achieving some level of world peace.

When asking Starr to leave us with an inspiring quote she says, ‘Freedom is no fear’ which is a quote by Nina Simone, one of her biggest inspirations and ‘Worry is Resistance’ is a qoute from the book "How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness" by Jen Sincero. Kayla says, "We ourselves, are the only thing holding us back. Throw your fears out the window and do what you want to do," she says bravely.

I could not agree more. If one door closes. Kick it down.

So the answer to this story may not be having a back up plan, but rather backing up and fighting for your original plan. Well at least, that's what I believe.

For more on Kayla Starr and her music, well, just click here:

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