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How To Be Your Own DJ - with Bouboulena

When I hear the name 'Bouboulena' I immediately imagine a pink bath tub full of bubbles. Unfortunately, I am allergic to bubbles but not to this next Artist and she is In fact quite the opposite to pink bubbles as you can see below in her grunge black leather attire.

However, anyone who pursues their dreams with such determination and persistence fills me with a desire to dip myself into a tub of their drive.

Bouboulena, which is a in fact a Greek Household name of a woman who helped free the Greeks from slavery, given to her by her uncle. ‘She was the only woman navel commander to represent independence, strength and empowerment," she says. Now that is quite a name to live up to.

There are so many things in life that are out of our control, and so many things that are capable of being controlled. How many of these things do you grab onto and steer them like you are driving over a rainbow? Not many of us and most of the time we don't realize what is actually within reach. Taking control is much like being the DJ of your own life. It is all about timing.

Bouboulena started off as a rap artist with Sony and has now recently rebranded herself as a DJ as she wanted to combine rapping, singing and performing live all into one show. She says she has always loved the art of a DJ but never thought to pursue it. It wasn’t until a high school event where she saw Tiesto live. The huge room was ripe with energy which drew Bouboulena in like a magnet. B ended up playing the St. Louis Ryse Club recently which was the same place she saw Tiesto for the first time. This is an example of how everything comes full circle...

It seemed easy to her to become a DJ, but she wanted to make her own music. Stating that she was never a strong singer and had only dabbled with producing so she finally took it upon herself to go to school this year to learn to produce her own music.

Bouboulena is her alter ego, her identity and she says she knows DJing is what she is supposed to do and she now has full support from her mom who believes in her which has made her feel so much stronger. She had a DJ Launch Party in New York, has released an album called "East Side" and is hoping to release something more electronic instead of the rap dance she has previously done in the past.

Ultimately, she says to imagine, "If Madonna were a Dj."

So, how can you begin to be the DJ of your own life?

1. Plug in and Play

Anything is possible today. How many opportunities do you submit yourself for or take advantage of in a single day? How many competitions do you enter, how many risks do you take and how many questions do you ask? Are you having fun while doing any of this?

Something to think about...

2. Drunk vs Sober

Remember the story of the person who was drowning and asked to be saved and he was sent boats and ladders and he refused to take it because he imagined being saved in a different way?

Well, sometimes we get too caught up on how WE think things are going to work out, so we shut out opportunities that are currently knocking. Start to listen, start to open yourself up. Be soberly aware of what you may be missing.

3. Hey Mr DJ

If someone says no, do you take it upon yourself to ask for a second chance or impression?

Or are you too afraid to ask in the first place?

Make a request, see what kind of music you will receive.

* * *

Bouboulena says to me, ‘Listen to yourself. You will second guess yourself but don’t listen to that voice. There is no right or wrong way to do anything. If you are excited about something, then do it. Just start. Treat it like a job. DJ'ing can be a dangerous industry so don't do it if you are only doing it for the party. Take care of yourself, first, always."

And for her last little sprinkle of inspiration, she left me with this, ‘People are afraid of what’s different and what they don’t know. It’s Not their dream, It’s Yours.’

So I guess the only way to wrap this up is by reminding you that it is good to be ambitious but also to remember to enjoy your life. Play with it, take control of it and the outcome of each day will feel like the equivalent to one euphoric night you spent on a dance floor asking the DJ to Turn It Up.

For more on Bouboulena and her projects, click here:

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