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Back in time in Hollywood at The Edison - with Josh Arbour

I have never really been a night owl, more like an African Bee ;) but it wasn't until I discovered a night that would make all other nights seem dark in comparison.

On this evening I met a venue I will never forget. It only opens its doors when the stars turn up and they aren't even half as glittering as its visitors. This place is... The Edison.

I have seen my fair share of live music venues, having visited every open mic and music setting in and around New York City for many years. But nothing and I mean nothing was quite like my experience walking into this underground warehouse in Downtown LA. I witnessed the tassels of beaded dresses twisting and twirling in the smoky jazz club and the sounds of clinks from champagne glasses almost as gold as the saxaphone's on stage and it made me feel like I was caught in a dreamy excerpt written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I think I stepped into the 1920 era of The Great Gatsy.

Playing the role of Jay Gatsby himself, in my eyes, was...Josh Arbour. I have seen him perform a couple of times and he has also booked me for a couple of my favourite shows here in Los Angeles, but I found that he was the piece missing to this puzzle that is The Edison.

His husky, growling vocals and energetic, charismatic personality had me fixated on the stage, jaw open, saliva catching in my Champagne glass...ok that's gross, but I would say a seemingly pretty accurate description of my 'in awe' moment.

He sang songs like; "Send me off to bed forever more" (during which I thought dear Lord, please don't, I want to stay up to see how this ends) and "Dream a little Dream" (oh I definitely thought I was) and he was just as dazzling as the various women's outfits shimmying up to accompany him on stage.

His bouncy performance had me on a ride back in time and I wasn't sure I wanted to return back to 2018 or even to my bed in Beverly Hills.

The sun and I have many more conversations to have, but I love taking trips on the moon and thanks to Joshua Arbour for taking me to Space, even if only for the night.

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