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How to Makeup your Mind - with Lynn Ferguson

Did you know you can colour your own mind set and dress up your perspective on yourself and life? Well, you can. Some people, yes, are naturally more positive or confident but just by believing you are the Queen or King of your own thoughts, you lose just a little more acne and acquire a sprinkle more diamond blush.

Think of your brain as your body. How do you maintain your body? You eat right and workout and you dress it the f*dge up. What about your face? You wash it, brush your teeth (well, I hope so) and perhaps add a dash of make up.

The way you feel about yourself and by increasing your personal levels of happiness in order to achieve your definition of success, has a lot to do with the cleaning and embellishment of your own mind.

Thanks to previous skin troubles, Lynn Ferguson, used to shy away from her appearance much more when she was younger. It wasn't until a year and a half ago when she really began taking an interest in managed skin care by avoiding products that were more harmful than helpful to her. Quickly, her skin cleared like clouds on a foggy day which allowed for her artistic use of makeup to blossom.

Lynn is now in the Top 2 on the iPhone app; 'YouCam Make-up Magic Selfie Cam' where she has amassed thousands of followers and she produces a minimum of three live makeup tutorials a week with each video ranging from 100-500 views. The app allows you to try on Virtual Makeup and interact with other makeup artists or passioante lovers of the colourful concoction.

However, many of the comments Ferguson receives, she says, are a negative interpretation on how these people view themselves when comparing themselves to Lynn. There. Right there is where we get social media all wrong. Comparisons.

By comparing ourselves to each other we are starving our mind from the fruit we need to fuel our drive, our confidence and our ability to love the skin we're in and the to live our best lives.

Self doubt is the fastest way to lose time.

In order to encourage a positive atmosphere, Lynn iterates, "I try to respond to as many comments on my tutorials as possible to help others find value in their imperfections and encourage them to use their differences to their advantage, because the world would be so bland if we all looked the same."

I don't know about you but I'd feel so sick of Polka Dots if everywhere I looked, I saw spots.

Besides makeup, Lynn also dabbles in fit modeling and blogging and being a perfectionist she sometimes dithers about whether she is good enough to achieve her own personal goals. In order to deter herself from feeling sluggish. She says she feels her best with a natural coat of make up, instead of a cakey face, or a "I woke up like this" raw kind of look. She says, "I feel more energized throughout my day when I take the time to make myself up."

When we look our best, we feel our best and we give life our best.

If you're having trouble giving your life a makeover, try some of these tips:

1. Makeup Your Mind

When rolling out of bed. You wash your face, brush your teeth and get dressed right? Take an extra five minutes to dress your mindset as well. Start your day off with positive affirmative thoughts about yourself and be extra thankful for everything you currently have.

2. Less is More

In other words, Compare Less, Do More.

Replace thoughts of "I wish I looked like that" with "what can I do to get more in shape?"

or "I wish I had that" with "what can I do to get that?"

or "Should I get sushi or fries..." - Oh whoops, it's Friday night and my mind tends to wander.

3. Feed your Mind

You need petrol to fuel a car right? Same with your brain. It needs motivation in order to drive to your destination. Your destination being a goal you've set for yourself or just a momentary feeling of self confidence and pride.

So the next time you ooze out of bed and you reach for that Revlon lipstick or Hugo Boss After Shave, or even just a simple bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, remember to give your mindset a little make over too and just a little bit of breakfast.

To watch LYNN FERGUSON'S makeup tutorials and see more of her artistic facial designs click HERE

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