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Get Ready with me & MISSAMÉ for my Show at Hotel Cafe!

missame makeup brushes

Music, Makeup and Magic are a few of my favourite things, but there is nothing I adore more than products that are Cruelty-Free, (pauses to day dream of bunnies bouncing through a minty meadow and puppies woofing as their ears wag in the wind...)

I have always desired my own gorgeous set of make up brushes, but they can often times be quite expensive, therefore I find myself buying one make up brush at at time and attempting to use it for different components on my face.

That's like a painter trying to paint using only one brush. You need brushes for the surface as well as the finer details. Because honey, YOU are a finer detail.

Between shows, appearances and photo shoots, applying and reapplying make up can sometimes irritate my skin. Therefore having access to high quality products is sort of a must. I am so glad I discovered Missamé Makeup Brushes. Amy NG, the creator, was kind enough to send me my very own chocolate brown case wrapped with a bow and inside were ten surprises just for me! It felt like Christmas ten times over. The ten brushes are as soft as velvet on my face and are in fact vegan and cruelty free and designed for various purposes. Different sized Magic Wands, if you will. Take a peak at the brushes below...

missame beauty

The 10-piece set includes:

- Flat top brush - Kabuki brush - Contouring brush - Foundation brush - Oval blush brush - Dome blending brush - Angled eye brush - Concealer brush - Tapered smudge brush - Angled liner brush - BONUS--a brush guide explaining function of each brush

(I personally love the guide, I would be lost without it.)

Below, is how I get ready for my shows! Get the Brushes HERE:


1. EYES Full of Stars: Usually, I begin with my eyes in case of snow-flake like makeup falls on my cheeks.

I love smokey dramatic eyes for the stage and I use the 'Angled Eye Brush' in the Missamé collection for this.


After eyebrows and mascara, using the 'Foundation Brush' I squeeze a droplet of Armani Silk foundation onto my hand, I dip the brush and begin painting all over my face, like a child using crayons on their mother's wall.


For a flawless feel, using the 'Oval Blush Brush' to sweep some L'Oréal powder all over my face and streak some Make Up Forever Ivory cheek highlighter using the 'Contouring Brush' for a shimmery finish.

And Voila! I (BINX - The African Bee) am ready to sing at one of the most legendary venues in Los Angeles:

The Hotel Cafe

29th April, Sunday


I will most probably apply my makeup after baking some delicious home made cupcakes on Sunday to pass out to everyone who comes to support my performance! (Shameless bribery plug.)

Being a creative, putting on make up is just another fun and artistic outlet for me and one of the most vital things I have come to realize recently is to become more mindful about the products we buy and use, the things we eat and wear. Being selective is a skill that needs to be practiced.

No one is perfect but I encourage you to try to make better choices when making your next product purchase. I will always be in favour of a brand that provides me with a product that makes me feel as beautiful as a Unicorn but does not harm the Unicorns.

PS Not only are the brushes affordable but they are as soft as bunnies, but they are not bunnies, therefore the fluffy animals are free to continue to hop to the beat of their hearts through those minty meadows.

So where can you get your own beautiful set of Missamé Brushes?

Use my special link and Click HERE:

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