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How to feel Offline in an Online World - with Mike MGTV

Remember the days we used to stare into space? Neither can I. Therefore, I wonder...Is it possible to feel Offline in an Online world?

Being online has its tremendous perks from bloggers, creative's, people who are looking to start or expand their small or large businesses. Basically, if you have fingers, the internet is probably something you want and need to be involved in.

The online world can sky rocket you to success that might not have been possible years ago but it is also full to the brim with internet trolls, scams and serious competition. It can be difficult at times to not become overwhelmed and we can easily forget who we are on Earth and what we initially set out to do.

The internet is a space where freedom of expression is ripe like a mango on a tropical day in the middle of a dessert. It can be difficult to survive. But for MikeMGTV, YouTube has become a place of comfort and it allows him to shine the colours of his true self.

Mike discovered YouTube around the age of 13 and used the platform to watch shows and to post funny videos of himself and his friends in High School. It was only until he turned 18 did he begin taking it a little more seriously. He set out to create videos in which he addressed a wide array of topics with pure honesty and unintended humour. However, his friends and family were not too thrilled with his content and often times felt his videos were "embarrassing."

When I asked why he makes YouTube videos his answer was that there were a 'lack of people' who understood him and since joining YouTube he was able to find people who related to things he felt or thought about it and made him feel not so alone... which is ironic because being behind a screen or living in a digital world, we can so easily feel isolated.

M - "YouTube is like therapy for me and depicts a heightened more flamboyant version of myself."

Mike wants his channel to depict having an "uncensored conversation with his best friends at a bar."

He feels more accepted online and he enjoys being apart of a community who express their thoughts and do not judge each other. Mike's goofy, quick witted humor and uncanny ability to make serious topics more light hearted has resulted in a loyal chain of almost 43 Thousand subscribers. They gravitate towards him because of his truth and since he is now been able to monetize off of his YouTube account.

Mike and I made a YouTube video together here.

Being an indie musician in 2018, the internet is my most valuable tool but it is also extremely competitive, difficult to crack and often times draining because we are living in a world where numbers matter more than the talent itself and more time is spent on admin instead of practicing.

Here are some Key points to refreshing your mind set in order to perform better Online:

1. Choose a half day or a day of the week to remain off of the internet.

(Don't look at the time, or your phone or any screen and replace that time with something you have been putting off since New Years two years ago)

2. 30-45 minutes before bed, put all of your technology into a draw and out of sight.

If you're anything like me and struggle to fall asleep, screen lights are the worst for you. I also get my best ideas at night. Resort to writing anything that pops into your head by using a pen and paper. It's not considered the Stone Age - yet. If you really can't go without the time before bed, don't take any technology with you for your bathroom breaks. Either take a magazine, read the label of a shampoo bottle or stare into space.

3. Instead of consistently competing all day everyday, dedicate 15 minutes in your day to spread love and encouragement to a fellow business/person who is in a similar industry to you and bridge the gap between your human self and drive to win.

MIKEMGTV posts YouTube videos every Tuesday and Thursday for both his own personal entertainment and for the reaction and shock value of an audience.

For more on MIKEMGTV go to his YouTube channel here.

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