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Launch of 'In Bed with a Bee' Series


Ever wondered what it is like to be in the Bedroom of a Bee? Well, ponder no more folks. Because I just launched my 'In Bed with a Bee series!' In a nut shell, or a beehive, I will be bringing you Youtube videos of me singing a new original song every week from my bedroom. So each Tuesday, whilst enjoying that bagel or PB&J Sarmie, you can see where I create all of my music and you will be the FIRST to hear all these new songs before they are professionally released. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel and you will never miss a video!

This project was one of my New Year Goals for 2018. Setting goals is something I do regularly. Setting them and following through is an art form in itself. Most of us slip away from our initial ambitions because we lack time, we don't know where to start, The Bachelor was on... My advice? Start small, begin with mini weekly goals. Once you have created some discipline for yourself, you can start to expand on them.

What are some of your own resolutions or goals for 2018? Comment below.

VIDEOS: Every Tuesday - In Bed with a Bee Series (New Original Composition) Every Thursday - Bee-hind the Scenes with Binx (Personal Vlog)

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