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Amped Up for Academy Nightclub

Amped up for my show at Academy Nightclub and lit up literally by Amped & Co.

You may have noticed the dominance of lips in this picture, and I'm not talking about mine...

I'm talking about the lit up Mick Jagger lips ( I wish) perched on my desk.

I just received these little luminous lippers from Amped & Co which are perfect for any dressing table or room decor. There are so many to choose from including; Pineapples, Flamingo's, Unicorns as well as the words 'Slay' or 'Lit' which I think is so cute. Because anything literally lit is literally cool.

You can also choose from wall neons to desk neons or mini cinema light boxes where you can change words to inspire you for the day!

You can only imagine that mine would say "These are really Mick Jagger's Lips."

My next performance I will be live at:

Academy Nightclub

6021 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

15th May 2019, Wednesday


If you reach out and send me your email, I might just put you on the list!

So light up your life, I mean spice up your life by getting your very own Amped & Co light here:

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