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Desert Heat Hustler

From 'Desert Dreamer' glam crops to 'Desert Heat Hustler' white-gold hoodies, Twin Palms Clothing Co has just released their latest collection and I must warn you, it's a little bit casual and a whole lot of cool...

I love when clothing speaks to you both literally and figuratively and these free-spirited, high desert, old Hollywood, Wild West inspired pieces from Twin Palms are perfect for whether you are ready to hit the road for a glittering music festival like Coachella or simply kicking at home.

The reason I feel like I can relate to these graphic Tee's is because the text is symbolic to perseverance and chasing ones dreams. In my opinion at least.

The text reminds me of that real hustle, the failures that no one sees before the successful seemingly unflawed end result.

Sometimes when chasing your dreams it can feel like you are trodding through a desert with nothing in sight but your thirst. But no matter how heated and emotional times get, continue to keep pushing. We have to. Why? Because what better treasure is there to find in life than to watch your dreams come into fruition?

The latest collection from Twin Palms consists of T-shirts, hoodies and crop tops reminiscent of the Britney Spears 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' era with a tie top in front.

Affordable, adorable Palm Springs and California inspired pieces consisting in an array of earthy and pastel hues.

There are items for both men and women and the fabrics are light, silky soft and ultra cool. Perfect for those heated days with sun cream in hand and a watermelon slice in the other!

I especially love the pieces adorned in gold trimming so when the sun catches it, I shine bright like a very gold diamond. As Rihanna once never said.

One of my personal favourites is the PS (insert lightning bolt) CA black crop because it feels like I'm a casual rockstar in this Tee. The stars and palms orange visor as well as the soda inspired blush muscle Tee (from a previous collection) is probably my absolute favourite.

Basically, it's this one I am wearing in the bathtub...

The palm leaf is symbolic of victory and triumph. I have dreamed of being in Los Angeles my whole life and now I find myself years later sitting in Beverly Hills, in the center of the shadow of a palm tree leaf I always dreamed about.

So get ready, get set for sun-drenched adventures when you rock anything from Twin Palms.

And Coachella, as for you, I have my sights set on you for 2020!

You can check out Twin Palms catalogue of clothes on their website or instagram here:

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