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Birthdays and Butter & Me Time

My Birthday is just a few days away coming up on the 26th of February and my big Birthday show follows soon after the next day at Boulevard3 on the 27th. Therefore saying I need some relaxation and self-care time is an understatement...

As my days and years pass the more grateful I am for each day I have on Earth and as I continue to age, the more my skin becomes a priority.

I am so excited to have partnered up with Butter & Me, a company that prides themselves on 'Simple Ingredients, Beautiful Results.' Which could not be more true.

With the only ingredient being nature, this African Bee couldn't help but want to indulge myself with these pure plant-based products which contain shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil and avocado oil.

The ‘Butter Melt’ is practically Summer in a bowl with its mousse-like texture and sunshine appearance. The body butter melts on my skins heat like freshly popped toast. The non-potent scent draws you in and it's as creamy and luxurious as it sounds.

I almost did not want to grace the surface of the cream because what separates this moisturizer from its competitors, besides of the obvious eco-friendly and cruelty free reasons, is the butters unique lines which parallel to glorious rays of sunshine.

Even though I am in desperate need for Summer to return to LA, the dryness of my skin during these cold winter days have been taken care of and beyond velvety thanks to Butter & Me.

Even though lavender is not my scent, one of the Melt’s are described as "Blue Sky" which reminds me of a song I wrote when I was ten called 'Nothing But a Blue Sky."

The ‘Sunshine’ Melt is possibly my favourite not just because Sunflowers adorn the jar, which are my favourite flowers besides Daisies, but the scent is not overpowering.

There are so many childhood associations with these products which is why I feel like they are best paired when I am about to meditate. So that I am reminded of a peaceful time with no responsibilities and that my only ‘to do’ list that today was to have fun.

I also received a 'Body Shine' scrub which has a unique scent and the exfoliating scrub may be a close second favourite of mine, not to mention the peppermint lip balm. Mmm. Once again, flashbacks to magnum ice-creams from the ice cream man... Haven't felt such creamy lips until now.

The dazzling lights of LACMA reminded me of the appearance of the 'Butter Melt' so I decided to shoot a beautiful promo video for Butter & Me at this twinkly location. If I can't have summer, I'll bring it to me with rays of light and ever so smooth skin.

Right after my Birthday Show you can find me wrapped up with ice cream while watching an episode of ‘Friends’ and with an endless supply of Butter and Me time.

If you would like to pick yourself up some of these butterlicious products which are handmade with love in Colorado, you can find them on Butter & Me's website here:

Use code: BINXBEE for 15% off on all products except gift sets. Valid until April 30th.

You can also follow Butter & Me on Instagram here:

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