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Valentine's Day 2019 with Roses Ever After

There once lived an African Bee and she dreamed of flowers that remained bloomed day in and day out and of those which smelled of a nectar so sweet...


I am ‘ever’ so excited to be partnering up with Roses Ever After for a second year in a row!

Have you ever dreamed of receiving an enchanted rose like the one in Beauty and the Beast?

Well, Roses Ever After is a curator of 'infinity' roses, which means that these beauties can last up to a whole year! I still have two boxes (one combination of black and yellow as well as fuchsia) and it’s a year later and they are still going strong... No wilting, no wrinkles and no less exquisite than they were when I received them.

I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous bouquet of white and red heart shaped roses which are now adorning all of my surfaces in my Beverly Hills home.

This is the ultimate gift for Valentine's Day, because it can be enjoyed year round!

And here is the BEST part. You can even customize your order to any colour you want! And you can even include your logo on a lucite box. Here's an example of my custom box with my BINX logo.

I have only had a wonderful experience with Dan (the founder of Roses Ever After)

He has supported me since moving to Los Angeles in 2018 and I could not be more thrilled to collaborate with him yet again.

Not only is Dan super efficient with emails, but he is super quick with delivery. I now have three beautiful and decorative editions to my home, thanks to him!

Where can I get them?

Use Code: BINX for 15% off your next purchase right here on Roses Ever After's website.

I also created a fun 80's styled video with my rose ornament at the Benefit Cosmetics Liner Diner in Los Angeles!


The African Bee continues to buzz around her scarlet roses while pollenating the world with her pop music and she continues to live Roses Ever After...

Roses Ever After


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