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Cabo Mexico, Zaman Skincare and Boulevard3 Live Performance.

I am stuck in a daze from the most amazing past week. If only every week could be like this one! On the 22nd of November I had my first Thanksgiving at a restaurant in Los Angeles. I quickly realized that next year I would definitely cook something from home as the restaurant we went to seemed overpriced and the food was only ok… (eish)

Nonetheless, I was grateful to have food, someone special to share it with and to remember all of the things I feel so lucky to have.

I then went to Cabo, Mexico. Lazed at a bar in a pool, twirled in the sand, swam with the Dolphins (which has been a dream of mine since I was thirteen!) Not to mention I kissed one and had one pull me under the water at amazing speed and strength. I almost lost my bikini in the process and to all the people who saw, you are welcome. My ears blocked for a while after that but I have never smiled bigger in my photos!

It was at this stunning location at the Hilton Beach & Golf Resort where I shot my beautiful promotional video for Zaman Skincare.


I first heard about Zaman a couple months ago from Instagram. What really caught my eye about the brand was that firstly, they are CRUELTY FREE (yay animals, you are free to run wild) and vegan AND they donated 30% of their proceeds to breast cancer research for the month of October.

I love working with brands who give back because I am a big believer in, ‘the more you give the more you get' and despite all that, it just feels so damn good and it is the right thing to do.

Aneela Zaman is the founder and creator of this beauty product and not only was I curious about their ingredient the 'Black cumin seed’ I absolutely love their gold & white and black & gold packaging. It is so chic and classy! I feel like a gold digger because whether or not it’s real, I love the opulence of that colour and collect it like it's going out of style!


I arrived back from Cabo a day before I had one of my best performances ever! It was a showcase with RAW Artists at Boulevard3 on the Sunset Strip. The Sunset Strip… It’s as dreamy as it sounds. Another one of my many dreams. I have a lot of dreams, ok.

My African Bee Victoria Secret wings were bigger than ever and it was my first ever performance of my unreleased single, “Space DJ.”

I know I will be drifting back to the days of endless blue ocean skies, long lemon flowing dresses feeling like Beyonce and swinging like a fairy in my Dolls Kill floral bikini on beach swings. Especially because I like coconut shaped Pina Coladas and getting caught in the... sun. 😌

You can keep up with Zaman Skincare on their instagram page here.

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