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Happily Roses Ever After (And Saving Bees)

My earliest memories of roses birthed in my snowy home town of, Elliot in South Africa in my mom's garden. My brother and I would play sports and games amongst a myriad of cream coloured, powder pink and white roses. We use to pick off the heads and throw them in the air like confetti while I would pretend-perform to my make-believe audience.

I got into a lot of trouble because let’s face it, roses are not cheap nor should their beauty just be torn to pieces. They are enchanted plants that symbolize my childhood, rebirth and constantly remind me of the promise of hope and new beginnings...

One of the many reasons I fell in love with my Beverly Hills apartment in Los Angeles is that I have a rose garden filled with giant (think Alice in Wonderland size) outside my front door. Roses are a necessity for bees and since I am an ambassador for these little creatures as I am known as, 'The African Bee' I want to help keep them happy and safe.

I also literally get to stop and smell the sweetest roses I have ever smelt, everyday when leaving my aparment and coming home.

I recently discovered a company called Roses Ever After. They preserve roses and artistically colour them to match your hearts desires. The flowers can last up to a year if looked after correctly by keeping them away from direct sunlight.

Roses go hand in hand with my mission with Environment New York to help SAVE THE BEES.

Thousands of bees are dying at ridiculous speeds and it is up to us to take action, because in the words of Albert Einstein, “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

Tips on how to help save our fuzzy yellow and black friends:

  1. You can plant bee-friendly flowers

  2. Do not use chemicals and pesticides on your lawn or garden

  3. Support local, raw honey

  4. Buy my album, "Buzzed" ;) A percentage of the physical album sales are going towards helping to Save the Bees with Environment New York.

Flowers, sun and beach run through my South African veins. Without those three elements I wouldn't feel completely at home.

Roses Ever After created a custom lucite box for me with my logo sprinkled on top. It is now on top of my dining room table. The clear box is filled with fuschia coloured roses and it has a potent floral smell.

The comapny can concoct any colour of the rainbow including; blue, black, pink, yellow and gold... you name it.

I am not sure exactly what it is about the exquisite beauty of a rose that instantly puts me in a glorious mood and makes me want to fall desperately in love, write a song and fills me with immense feelings of gratitude all simply while being in the presence of their extraordinary beauty, but I don't particularly need to know.

One thing I realized enormously this year in 2018 was that I want to give more than I take from the world. I want to be more thoughtful, kinder and more aware of how to preserve it...

I have the Spirit of an African, the Personality of New York and a Hollywood Heart therefore I want to remind you to be kind to our world and be aware of things you can do to make it more comfortable.

Being kinder to Earth and to the people around you by perhaps gifting them with a custom, colourful rose, you are making our home a much more beautiful place.

Remember to dream, give, travel, kiss, laugh and enjoy every moment while we are still here and until the last petal falls...

And we will all live, Roses Ever After.

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