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BINX Pledge Music Shop - Open For Business!

Imagine a freshly baked cupcake. Now imagine that cupcake adorned with buttercream icing, sprinkles, a delectable mousse filling... wait, what were we talking about again? Right. I just launched my new BINX shop through Pledge Music! The shop is basically a cupcake decorated with all the frills and fancies designed especially for YOU! Visit the store here.

The store includes; signed CD's, access passes to my shows (including my next show at Hotel Cafe, details below the pic) naked pictures of me (ha, not. Pay attention...) custom logo bracelets, music equipment I've used, disposable cameras with exclusive pictures just for you (each one is unique), lucky packets with unique fun bee surprises, hand written lyrics and so much MORE. Varying products and price ranges for all types of interests and budgets. Your support will lead to NEW BINX MUSIC. So instead of buying yourself food, please buy from my shop. Thanks. Allow my music feed your soul. I look forward to Buzzing back into studio to create some new songs for us to shimmy to. What are you waiting for?! Pledge on the big pink button below and secure your unique items now NOW!


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